Michael Newman

Software engineer with hands-on experience in full-stack development and cloud architecture. Most recently I co-created Signet, an integration testing framework for microservices.

Previously a trusted business advisor, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and communications ability, underpinned by a strong passion for creative problem-solving.


Signet Framework

Signet is an open-source, cloud-native framework that makes it simple to set up contract testing for microservices. Signet automates the contract testing workflow, knows when it is safe to deploy, and integrates with CI/CD pipelines.

It is designed for companies that are experiencing the pain points of integration and E2E testing, and want an easy way to introduce contract testing. Companies with existing service tests do not need to write any new unit tests, and provider verification is supported as a first-class feature. Signet is also deployment-aware, so teams can easily check if their service is safe to deploy to an environment. Additionally, Signet can be fully integrated with CI/CD in order to automate contract testing and reduce the need for more expensive tests.

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Other Apps I've Built


Social media discussion platform (Ruby, Sinatra, ERB, PostgreSQL).


Real-time service for API/webhook development (Node.js, Express, React, MongoDB).